Customizing Our Services

No two homes are alike, so our services are designed to be tailored to each. We also recognize that each agency has its own styles, and we can adapt our designs to reflect yours.

We are happy to work with you in any capacity, from providing a comprehensive service for all your instructions, to occasional pampering of your most prestigious clients. At busy times we may be able to take some of the strain off your own in-house services. Alternatively, you may wish to reserve our services for those unusual properties whose layout defies easy description. Indeed, it may be that you choose Bronze plans for the majority of your instructions, but upgrade to a Silver plan for the prestigious or unusual properties.

If you do not intend to provide plans or virtual tours as a standard part of your service, but wish to offer it as an optional extra, we could provide you with pamphlets explaining our services for distribution to your clients.

Our plans can be provided in a number of formats, including wmf, jpeg & gif files for easier Internet use, pdf for easy Internet printing with adobe acrobat, source cad files for optimum printing detail or later design work, or on paper.

Our virtual tours can also be provided in a number of formats, including image files for dropping into your own applications, embedded with a viewer for you to add to your web site or use in e-mails, or placed directly by us to your site.

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