Laser Scanning

We are now able to undertake a range of Laser Scanning and 3D modelling services.

Brochure design & printing

Location Maps

We can add location maps to our plans. For normal floorplans this costs just 25.00.
(Only available with certain outputs formats).

Other Plans

We are happy to offer our plans to other trades and individuals. Our plans offer a cheaper alternative to architects plans. They could find use wherever a building's layout needs illustrating: schools, hospitals, hotels...

Our specialist plans could be used to help meet fire regulations, aid route finding, or act as a first stage towards drawing architectural plans.

Our mapping and planning is ideal for use for as-is and as-built documentation.

Our plans and elevations can also be used as a basis for heritage building documentation.

We also can redraw plans from architectural plans, providing you with plans in a format to match our other services. This service can also be used to digitize into CAD formats existing paper plans.

As part of our Gold Service we offer Land Survey.


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