Here at Floorplans North, plans are what we do best.

Plans are required for all sorts of different uses, so we provide a range to suit everyone’s needs. Below are some of our most regular clientele..

Estate Agents
Our Classic Silver Floor Plan is our standard service for virtually all properties.
For architecturally very complex properties a
High Detail Gold Plan will produce better results, also where elevations or detailed land survey is required.

Building Developers
We typically help at the start and end of a project, and can help you reduce your architects fees.
At the beginning, we can visit a site and draw
High Detail Gold Plans & Elevations of the existing buildings and also undertake land survey.
Towards the end, we can provide presentation plans for your selling agent, smartly
Redrawn from your plans, and we can provide land registry compliant Lease Plans showing how a property is divided.
We can provide small land surveys, as-is plans and as-built plans to a range of accuracies.

Solicitors & Other Legal Professionals
We can provide Lease Plans including location maps for land registration.
We can provide
Licensing Plans for Licensing Act 2003 requirements.
We can provide
Rented Property Plan for Housing Act 2004 requirements.

Publicans / Fast Food Sellers
We can provide Licence Plans compliant with the needs of the 2003 Licensing Act. Premises need these for licensing for public entertainment, sale & consumption of alcohol, and late night food sale.

Rented Property Landlords
We can provide our Classic Silver Floor Plan for your marketing, administration and basing your HMO licensing upon.
We can also provide a full
Rented Property Plan with the required information already indicated.

Optional extras:

Key Collection dependent upon location, but typically £30.00

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