Plans for Rented Properties:

    We can provide basic floor plans for rented properties, based on our Classic Silver Floor Plans.
    These show rooms and walls, doors, windows, chimney breasts, fitted units including bathrooms & kitchens. Also shown are room dimensions for main rooms, extended areas of restricted headroom, and skylight windows.
    These can help with marketing, administration, and act as a base for creating your HMO license plans.
    Fees start from 6.0p / sq ft
    , subject to minimum fees dependent upon location and size.

    We can also provide a more detailed Rented Property Plan, where we include the basic details required by HMO licensing.
    Based on our Silver Standard Plans, these include details of heating appliances and  fitted fire safety equipment (alarms, smoke detectors, fire doors). Some security equipment and other details can be included by request.
    Fees start from 240.00
    dependent upon location and size.

    Please call us free on 0844 330 7526 or email to discuss your needs and order your plans.


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