Selling You Own Home?

If you are planning to sell your own house on the Internet, we can supply you directly with a range of services normally only available through estate agents.

The web page becomes the first point of contact for your potential purchasers. It should go without saying that the impressions created can have a significant impact upon the success of your campaign.

Buyers don’t just need to know that a property is for sale, they want to know all about it. The typical buyer is likely to be browsing the Internet hastily during a coffee or lunch break. With the correct information they can make that decision to either view or to reject. With inadequate information they will at best make a note to look again and phone for further details, typically once they have exhausted other possibilities.

As a seller you want plenty of viewings, however quality is better then quantity. Providing buyers with plenty of information may select out the less interested, (saving you some effort), but the remaining well informed viewers are already a lot closer to making you an offer.

The information you provide should not be indiscriminate, but should be clear and easy to understand. Most people will not read through long wandering descriptions of the property; it is better to keep to a concise list of features organized by room, supported by a good overview account that includes reference to the benefits of the location.

Your potential buyers need to imagine how they would they would fit into your house, and how they would use the rooms. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and a well constructed website preview with plans and photos should ensure that viewers arrive with positive expectations. The viewing should be more productive as the buyer can more easily consider “Could this property become home?”

We can provide our range of services, including layout plans for clear illustration of the property layout and room sizes, and photography using specialist cameras and wide-angled lenses for high quality illustration of room descriptions.


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