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Our aim is to provide the optimal plans (and photographs) to support your business needs.

For estate agency this means providing the services that help you to market your clients’ homes more effectively.

For landlords this means providing professional plans tailored to their purpose, be it Land Registry submissions, supporting licensing applications, or providing accurate as-is surveys prior to development.

We recognize the importance of your reputation to the success of your business, once commissioned we will endeavour to protect and enhance it. You can expect us to be polite, smart and efficient. Where appropriate we make it clear that we are working upon your behalf.

We strive to achieve the fastest economical turn around on all our work. For most of our instructions we return completed work within 5 working days. Our estate agency services are normally faster, with 3 working days typical. For sites under 1000 sq ft in total area and of straightforward layout the turn around is typically a third faster. For large sites over 450 sq m (5000 sq ft) we may require slightly longer. For sites over 750 sq m (8000 sq ft) we recommend discussing with us the time scales required.

Our turn around time is subject to access being made readily available. Our operator availability will vary according to existing order book and travel times to site.

For many of our services we offer the option of express scheduling, and evening / weekend visiting for an additional fee. These services are offered subject to our availability.

We also offer a slower stand-by service. This offers a discount on our mileage rate for sites located away from our core areas if we are able to delay visits by up to 3 weeks to combine with other instructions in an area. This is only suitable for properties where access can be arranged at relatively short notice at any time.

In order to record the detail required for one of our Classic Silver Service floor plans a visit of a typical 3-4 bedroom house will take about 90 minutes. As a much lower level of detail is recorded for our Budget Bronze floor plans a visit to a similar property will take about 20-30 minutes.

We prefer to make appointments directly with the owner or resident of the property so that we can confirm arrangements relating to our work. When making an appointment, we give an estimate of arrival time and time required to complete the work. If our arrival is likely to be delayed by more than 30 minutes then we will attempt to let your client know.

We like to be fair in our charging. We combine mileage allowances for properties in close proximity when visited consecutively, and give discounts on plans of large simple buildings like agricultural barns.

We carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Floorplans North retains ownership and copyright of its work, including this web site. Note also that third party copyright may exist for design elements and software used.

Our plans and photos are provided on a licence to use basis for a specific purpose. No other use is authorised, and no responsibility is accepted for any such use. To obtain additional usage rights for plans / photos please contact us; we may charge additional fees / place additional limitations on our liability. (Plans designed and surveyed for one purpose may not always be suitable for another purpose, and by permitting additional uses we broaden our liabilities. Limitations of onward usage are also imposed upon us when we purchase third party mapping services.)

For estate agency our service is provided only for the purpose of assisting with marketing of properties for sale unless otherwise stated. We allow publishing by any means for marketing of a single sale of a single property. For use with further sales of a property a new license will be required. The license is not transferable. Personal private usage is permitted providing it is non-commercial and legal. Floorplans North accepts no responsibility for such usage.

For our professional plans (licence, lease, gold etc) we can provide plans in a range of paper and digital formats, and are happy for plans to be held in these and a range of other formats. Use of these plans are restricted to their original stated purpose, and limited to twelve months active use for submissions etc. After this time archive copies may be held and referred to as required.

Personal private usage is permitted providing it is non-commercial and legal. Floorplans North accepts no responsibility for such usage.

All other reuse of our work requires further licensing.

Billing is by invoice to the commissioning individual or organisation. In accordance with RICS guidelines the liability for invoices remains with the commissioning agent. Liability will only pass to their client in the case that the commissioning agency ceases trading.

A deposit may be requested prior to commencement on larger instructions. Outstanding balances typically will be billed upon preparation of the first draft of any work, with payment required prior to release of final work, or within 14 days of invoice date, whichever is the shorter. Thereafter interest is charged.

Commercial clients may be offered the option of an account. These are normally subject to 30 day payment terms, with final work released prior to settlement for well maintained accounts.

Payment may be made by cheque or electronic transfer. Other means of payment may be accepted subject to negotiation but may incur additional charges.

Discounts are applied in the following order: Quantitative discounts to area, count or mileage, fixed fee discounts to price of component services, percentage fee discounts to component services, fixed fee discounts to total invoice, percentage fee discounts to total invoice.

Any fee discounts offered are subject to full payment being made within the offered terms. After this time the billing will revert to our standard undiscounted rate.

Interest is charged on bills not settled within our offered terms. Interest is applied compound per month or part month from the invoice date.

Interest is charged at:
2% per month or part month - for invoices dated from 1/12/2011

1.5% per month or part month - for invoices up to 30/11/2011, until 31/3/2012 - increasing to 2% per month or part month thereafter.

Cancellation fees are chargeable, and cover fees for any work done, time and expenses incurred, and opportunities lost. If a cancellation is unavoidable, please advise us at the earliest reasonable opportunity in order to keep cancellation fees to a minimum.

By ordering our services these terms are considered accepted.

Updated 28 December 2011 - E&OE

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