Land Registry Compliant Lease and Title Plans

    Accurate plans provided efficiently - Prices from 240.00

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    Regular leaseplan for typical retail unit
    Typical leaseplan for a retail unit

    If you need lease plans and deed plans, we can provide them.

    With over 20 years experience, our detailed and accurate plans ensure you get your land registration processed quickly and efficiently.

    We offer nationwide coverage, with a range of service speeds to suit your needs.

    We provide plans for a wide range of sites, from a straight forward house split to large apartment blocks, from single shop units to whole industrial parks.

    Our plans are tailored to the stringent requirements of The Land Registry, with accurate scaling, location mapping, north indication etc. included as standard.

    We are specialists in mapping complex areas, using mobile laser scanners, GPS and survey total stations where required to accurately record even the most irregular of sites.

    Our staff are friendly and efficient, dedicated to providing you with the best plans available.

    Call Paul on 0844 330 7526 or 07957 606548 or email to discuss your requirements, get a price, and order your plan.

    sample from part of a leaseplan for a large complex property
     Extract from part of a leaseplan for a large complex property

    Title and lease plans support legal documentation of land and property ownership in order to avoid and resolve potential future disputes. We record buildings and the surrounding land to a high level of detail in order to provide the optimal documentation for this purpose.
    To this end we use laser scanners, GPS and total survey stations to map irregular shapes correctly. Our plans will be more accurate than published OS mapping, and relate the boundaries precisely to local identifiable features allowing for future accurate locating of boundaries even after removal of current boundary structures.

    Communal areas, access rights, allocated parking and other features included in the illustration.

    Red line positioned to illustrate party walls, included/excluded external walls and other openings as required.

    Prices include reasonable edits to the produced plans, allowing for corrections, minor updates and clarifications.

    These plans are presented in the specified formats and scales. This includes features such as location mapping, scale bars, north arrows, street titles.

    We offer additional discounting on multiple units ordered and surveyed together, ideal for splitting properties, separating shop and flat units, etc.

    We offer additional discounting on very large properties, or bill on a time basis. Ideal for large warehouse sites, etc.

    In addition to buildings, we also map small parcels of land for lease and title registration.

    We offer nationwide coverage with this service.

    Our one-week typical order to delivery time will suit most needs and pockets, but where our services are required in a hurry, an express service option is normally available.



Summary of our services and fees
Call Paul on 0844 330 7526 to get a price for your lease plans

Regular / Standard service 
This service offers great value and fast turn around with lease plan prices from:
320.00 for 1200 sq ft [
400.00 for 1200 sq ft before prompt payment discount]
480.00 for paired plans to 2400 sq ft[
600.00 before prompt payment discount]

Plans typically available 2-4 days after site visit. Available for residential and commercial sites, across our core and northern region.

Small property budget service
For single flats and small shops, we offer prices from:
240.00 for 600 sq ft [
300.00 for 600 sq ft before prompt payment discount]

This is for sites with no shared areas to map. We normally need to tie travel for these smaller sites in with appointments at other sites to provide this service economically, this may restrict choice of appointments.

Priority Express Service
For plans requiring an express turn around we offer a priority service.
Call Paul on 07957 606548 for pricing and availability.

Grounds and Communal Areas
In order to show the lease in relation to the whole site, and to include communal areas and easements (various access rights) we have to include these areas within our survey. We charge these areas at standard rate for the first 200 sq ft per lease, then at quarter rate.

Large Sites
For large sites we can offer even better rates by negotiation.
Recent instructions over 20,000 sq ft include large hotels, factories, large farms and  retail parks.
Call Paul on
0844 330 7526 for pricing and availability.

Key collection and parking
We generally include travel, tolls and modest parking within our fees.
We charge for non-trivial key collections, typically 30.00.

UK Wide Coverage - Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans

Core Region - Pink and Blue - Minimum 240.00 after discounts

  • Shown pink and blue - Includes North, West and East London
    Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Midlands
  • Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge, Lincoln
    Appointments available several days most weeks

Extended Region- Green- Minimum 240.00 after discounts


  • Shown green - Includes South London, Bristol, Gloucester
    Shropshire, North Wales Coast, Cumbria, Teeside, Tyneside
  • East Lincolnshire, East Cambridgeshire
    Appointments available most weeks

Other Regions - Cream - Call or email for quotes


  • Shown cream - rest of UK. Higher minimum fees likley to apply
    Appointments organised by arrangement



We can also cover most parts of Scotland for larger orders. 


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