Quicksilver Sketch & Scan Layout Plans
From 40.00 (variable with property size)

Voice Line 0844 330 7526
E-mail qs@floorplansnorth.co.uk

Layout plans drawn directly from your own sketches. You scan and email your measured sketches to us, we e-mail back smart layout plans for inclusion in your brochures, web sites & window displays.

Have a look at our sketch drawing guide...

We draw plans like this:

from your sketch like this:

As we do not visit the property ourselves, we are able to offer this service at a very economic rate, however we are not able to offer the same assurances about the final accuracy of these plans.

For prestigious properties, or properties with a complicated layout, we would recommend using our Classic Silver Service or High Detail Gold Service.

For redrawing of plans from existing architects plans, better results are achieved using our Plan 2 CAD Redrawing Services.

New accounts contact: Paul Mann: 07957 606548
E-mail: qs@floorplansnorth.co.uk

As from May 2012 we are no longer accepting faxes (we have not received a fax in over 18 months except spam) - please scan and email your sketches - we can even work from evenly-lit high-resolution photos of your sketches.


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